What “Marketing Productivity” really means

Every time I fill out a form about my work or business, I get stuck at the “Industry” question. Do you know which question I’m talking about? It’s the drop down where you have to categorize your profession.

88 Creative Studio isn’t a Marketing or Advertising Agency. I’m not a Public Relations professional. I’m not in the Media/Journalism field. Technically, I don’t even consider myself a Graphic Designer (though between you and me that’s what I usually select on those forms.) My work is a combination of these fields, so I can feel a bit of an identity crisis when I get to that question. Enter the “Other” category—Marketing Productivity!

Okay, cool. So what’s Marketing Productivity?

I want small business owners to feel empowerment and ownership over their marketing strategy. Technology doesn’t have to be an obstacle to your success! “Marketing Productivity” refers to a combination of the following services:

  • Marketing Audit  I help you determine where you are as a business and where you want to be. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Can you spend less time doing small marketing tasks so you can focus on your work while being more productive?
  • Branding/Identity  Even if you like your branding, every business should have a Branding Kit that includes a multitude of branding elements to satisfy all your marketing needs. Don’t spend time wondering what a vector is. I create Branding Kits
  • Website and Social Media Services This is how you communicate with your audience and generate leads. I help small businesses rethink and rebuild their online presence to they can spend more time creating conversations and converting clients. I take a “no fear” approach, meaning I will do all the tech setup for you and then educate you to your level of comfort so you can take the reigns yourself. Of course, I’m also happy to stay on your speed dial if you’re looking for someone to maintain your site for you.
  • Supporting Marketing Materials Do you also need help with your printed materials? I can help with your business cards, brochures, presentation and any other collateral you need.

So whether you need some marketing coaching or a graphic/print/web designer, 88 Creative Studio is a one-stop shop to get your business on a proper footing so you can get back to work!

Have more questions? Want some one-on-one help? Want me to set up a page for you? Set up a Quick Start Consultation here. Or, you can always email me at 88creativestudio@gmail.com