We’re Offering Brand Therapy During COVID-19

As you know, we are all about Loving Your Business, but that’s been a bit more challenging the past 45 days, with COVID-19 upending all of our best-laid plans and devastating so many small businesses.

We have informally helped several small businesses and organizations since this crisis began, but now we want to be more intentional and forward-facing about it. We are offering free consultations – think of it as brand therapy – if you want to hop on the phone with us to talk through how you’re adapting, how you might pivot, how you’re surviving. This is completely free. No obligations. No gimmicks. Use this time with us as a vent session or use it to ask a technical question about ecommerce or social media. No issue is too big or small.

As small business owners ourselves, we know how important it is to have someone to bounce ideas off of, listen to your concerns, and validate the steps you are taking to move forward. Sometimes, it’s hard to see your own business clearly because you’re too close to it. That’s even more true now, when we are all experiencing some trauma, exhaustion, and brain fog. Two or three heads are definitely better than one.

We are offering brand therapy because we want to help the small business community, which is in such tremendous pain at this time, and we figure the best thing we can do is offer our expertise. You’re not alone, even though this era of extreme isolation may have you feeling that way.

So far, we have talked to the owners of a Durham home décor shop who were trying to determine the best way to convert to online sales. (Shop Vintage Home South, y’all!) We’ve had a call with a mental health provider aiming to spread the word about telehealth sessions, which is so important since collectively, our mental health is under attack. We’ve talked with volunteers around COVID-19 relief efforts seeking to get reporters’ attention during this heavy news cycle. Later today, we are going to talk someone through some basic Zoom questions.

Stay safe, everyone, and stay healthy. Thank you for staying home. Here’s the link to schedule your brand therapy session. We’d love to hear from you.  – Sally and Andrea

Sally Scruggs

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