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Above all else, our clients are our partners. We work with people who understand that we are all humans on a mission to help others while making a (good and abundant) living. Life is short, so we work with folks who are here to make an impact, support their families, help others, and live out their wildest dreams. Our values are:

  • Focus
  • Compassion
  • Community
  • Legacy

We find that everything else flows from these core values.

Sally + Andrea


WordPress, Brand and Marketing Strategist

Sally + Andrea

As much as she loved reading books growing up, the actual book itself—its design and the way it was made—drew Sally into publication design in college. WordPress and website design has been a passion for almost 20 years.

She launched 88 Creative Studio after the birth of her daughter when it was time to leave the world of publishing and make her own rules.

Even in its early stages, Sally knew she wanted to build a business that helps people in impactful ways.

Andrea says: Beyond the beautiful work she creates, Sally solves problems with ease, generates big idea after big idea, and possesses wisdom far beyond her years. Most importantly, she is a stellar human being with a joyful spirit.


Content Strategist & Creative Director

Sally + Andrea

In 2017, after 11 years as an editor with various NC magazines, Andrea launched her own creative services company, helping small businesses and nonprofits with content strategy and creation, branding, PR, social media, and video and event production.

She is passionate about community building, doing work that benefits the greater good, and helping entrepreneurs grow their business in a purposeful way. She loves where she lives, as reflected in the projects she pursues.

Sally says: I have always been impressed with her ability to connect all the dots to ensure the client or project has everything needed for success. She is well-connected in the community for good reason: Andrea is thoughtful, kind, and extremely likable.


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