Hi! I'm Sally.

I recognize the humanity in my client partnerships. Too many business services are purely transactional. I prefer to know my clients, so I assume you might enjoy learning a bit about me.

INFJ-T, “The Advocate”

Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Constant Improvement


Serving clients since 2012.

I spent five years in the publishing industry while developing a freelancing career in identity, print, digital and social marketing design. In 2015, I decided to turn that freelancing work into a career.

Whether I'm project managing a custom publishing account, developing a creative campaign for a social marketing intervention or designing a print ad for a local business, I work closely with clients to understand their stakeholders and anticipate their needs. Research is hero, so my projects begin with thoughtful strategy before implementing pragmatic design. I'm a problem-solver above all else—I love coming up with creative solutions for my clients and stretching their dollars to make exceptional products that exceed their expectations.

I live in Durham with my husband, toddler and Boston Terrier. I have a BAJMC in Advertising from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Why “88”?

Did you know that babies can perform logarithmic counting? Even though I'm certainly more of a Right Brain, I appreciate the beauty of numbers and order—I approach all my designs with logic first. Do you remember School House Rock? The Figure 8 song sounds a bit like a sad hymn, but it totally mesmerized me as a kid and even mentioned infinity, my first exposure to that concept. Today when I think about infinity, I think about perspective and the cyclical nature of our experiences. I try to apply those principles to my life and work. Why two 8's? That part is just a visual nod to my double initials. So at the end of the day, 88 is a reminder to keep perspective and always remember that there are consequences—both good and bad—to every action.

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Email: sally@88creativestudio.com
Phone: (919) 813-0932




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