A Compassionate Partner

You're looking for a good match, and you should!

If you're at the point where you're looking for web support, you're either on top of your digital game or you're desperate for guidance and support. Maybe you've already been burned by another web developer and have PSD—post sucky-experience disorder.

I created this about page with you in mind—the person who is trying to find that person who will finally actually be helpful instead of a money pit.

Above all else: my clients are my partners. I work with people who understand that we are humans on a mission to help others while making a (good and abundant) living. Life is short, so I work with folks who are here to make an impact, support their families, help others, and live out their wildest dreams. My values are:

  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

I find that everything else flows from these core values.

Maybe you can relate to my story?

I was going 120 mph from birth through college. I did all the things (except sports...unless you count that one semester of crew my freshman year of undergrad.) I was a teacher's dream and regarded as a nerd among my peers. I left college for my dream job at a book publisher in the design and production department. I proved myself, got the job title I thought I wanted, moved to another, "more attractive" job with a "more attractive" title. I worked crazy hours, including working while I should have been supporting my family during a family emergency. I had something to prove. I'm still not sure what that "something" was, but, you guessed it, my behavior led to disillusionment and burnout.

All the while I was freelancing nights and weekends for the sole purpose of making more money.

Suddenly I was expecting a daughter. I needed to make plans. Was I going to give myself a "break" (lol) and stay home with her, leave work? Was I going to plan on coming back to work, unsure if I would just turn around and leave after I realized how hard it is to be a working parent? My employer wanted an answer, so I decided that leaving was a better option than letting someone down.

I kept freelancing after my daughter was born. I stood at the kitchen counter, working quickly as my daughter slept in her carrier against my chest. I still didn't have a plan, but I knew I wanted to make something work.

I am a graphic designer by experience and trade. I have a degree in advertising, so my "flavor" of design has always been about storytelling and marketing. But since middle school, I've been enamored by WordPress and have been a fan from its beginnings. I LOVE building WordPress websites but I never considered making a career out of it. It was always a "side gig to the side gig."

My business grew. I was shocked. By my second year, I was making more money freelancing than I did working fulltime at either of the companies I worked for. But I was TIRED. Like....parenthood compounded by freelancing.

At the same time that I was feeling tired and scared of burn out, I also started questioning my purpose, my impact. That's when freelancing wasn't good enough anymore. I needed to stand for something and help people in more impactful ways. I began taking stock of everything I was good at, and not just the technical skills, but also the creative, problem-solving skills.

I'm really great at finding patterns, thinking big-picture, envisioning the future and helping others see these things, too.

I know the power of websites to be WAY more than a digital brochure. Websites can be your best marketing tool—the hub of all customer acquisition, onboarding, care and more.

Maybe your journey is similar. A lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners come from a similar background. We see the impact we can make and recognize the skills we have to get it done.

If you relate to my story of making a big decision to use your skills and values and purpose to drive your business, let's talk. I'd love to hear about your story and envision the future together!



Hi, I'm Sally!

INFJ-T, “The Advocate”

Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Constant Improvement


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