Choosing the Best Domain Registrar for WordPress

Sally Scruggs

Sally Scruggs


Use Google as your domain host for a super easy setup, integrated Google Workspace (formerly GSuite), e.g. [email protected], included privacy, and consistent pricing. If you already have a domain name from another registrar (including Squarespace), transfer your domain name. If you’re starting fresh, go to to get started. Make sure you are logged in to your primary Google account (meaning whichever one you are currently using for your business.)

What’s in a (domain) name?

Your domain name is the address where people find your website. You pay a small annual fee to register a unique address for your website. The company that registers you the domain name is called a registrar. They might also sell hosting, email, and marketing services.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about Google Domains and why it’s the best choice for solopreneurs who are building websites themselves.

Already have a domain name? Sweet. Consider transferring your domain name to Google for the reasons listed below!

Why Google is the best domain registrar for small businesses

Not all domain registrars are created equal. Most registrars are trying to upsell you everything they can throw at you and are really confusing to use, even for those of us who do this kind of thing for a living. You have a business to run — no time for shenanigans!

Plus, if you’re already using GSuite or Gmail (odds are you are), then using Google for your domain is going to make things more efficient.
My favorite registrar for small businesses is Google because it:

  • Is easy to set up even for beginners
  • Is super easy to set up a GSuite account so you can be [email protected]
  • Has no marketing gimmicks
  • Includes privacy, which you really want to have
  • Makes it easy to manage many domains if your business has or will have multiple addresses
  • Very clear billing

How to get your domain name

If you already have multiple email addresses, you’ll want to be signed in to one that makes sense.

  • If you already have GSuite for your business, make sure you’re logged in when you buy your domain name from Google.
  • If you don’t have GSuite, make sure you’re signed in with your primary Gmail account when you buy your domain name.

Once you’ve purchased your domain, bookmark That’s where you can connect your domain with the DNS (domain name system) panel.

Connecting your domain name to your website

Yet another reason to choose Google is that they have great support docs. Here’s their support doc on how to connect your website to your domain name.

Transfer your domain to Google

Say you already have a domain name but you aren’t thrilled with your registrar. Maybe you’re migrating from Squarespace or you’re tired of GoDaddy. Great news—you can transfer! It won’t make your site go down and it’s a fairly easy process. It just varies a lot depending on which registrar you’re coming from.

In general, these are the steps:

  • Unlock your domain. Usually, there’s a link to do this on your account. Your registrar can help you do this.
  • Get the authorization code. Sometimes also called “transfer code” or “EPP” code. This also usually on your account page after you unlock your domain. You may have to request that it’s emailed to you.
  • Enter the code into Google.

Here’s the link to get started:

Once you have your domain name registered to Google, you’re ready to set up GSuite (if you haven’t already) and move on to hosting. Check out my article on choosing the right host for WordPress.

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