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& Security

You protect and maintain your other investments—your home, car, health, etc.—why not your website?

Like property and health, your website is at risk for loss or damage if you don’t take care of it. If your site is attacked it may not be recoverable, so protect your investment and the people who use it by updating plugins, running security scans, and making off-site backups. We do all that work for you so you can focus on your business.

Great News: Our hosting plans already come with many of the features that other companies only include in add-on plans: security scans, daily cloud backups, and complete malware removal in case of attack.

In addition, performance really matters for SEO and user experience. Your website will be built for optimal performance from the beginning, but as you add to your site and make updates, you really need to check in to make sure your site is *still* performing well. Updates, new content (especially images) and really any change to your site can affect performance.

Is my site really at risk for hackers?

WordPress powers a third of the web, and this makes it an ideal platform for hackers to spread malware or obtain large amounts of information through popular plugins.

WordPress is open-source, which means that anyone can develop themes and plugins with varying degrees of vulnerability. Even though we built our sites with plugins built by reputable developers who take security seriously, even those plugins can reveal vulnerabilities from time to time.

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid security threats before you get attacked, and that’s where our Maintenance Plan comes in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smaller sites can me even more attractive to hackers because they figure you aren’t spending any time or money on security. They are usually right. Even if you don’t have valuable information on your website, hackers may want to use your website to send spam emails or spread malware across the web.

We can help with that! The standard maintenance package includes small edits and tweaks. If you need more monthly support, we can customize the plan to your needs or talk to you about the Marketing Automation packages, which include regular updates to content, products, email campaigns, and more.

Yes! Hosting alone is $35/mo or $350/year. You can add the maintenance package at $50/mo. If you purchase at launch, you can get your first year for 50% off if purchased annually.

Client may cancel maintenance services at any time. If on a monthly plan, Client will be billed for the current month of cancellation. If on an annual plan, Client will be prorated for months left in the billing cycle, minus the current billing month. Should Client choose to cancel, Client must submit a request to cancel via email to sally@88creativestudio.com. Client forfeits any remaining hours after the termination date.

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