Partner with 88 Creative Studio

I help organizations like yours with creative projects on an ongoing basis.

From creative to corporate, I work with all kinds of organizations who prefer to send their graphic design projects out of house. 

I develop long-term relationships with my repeat clients. I quickly learn how you operate internally so I can be a valuable member of your team from afar. I value my client relationships above all else and will work with your budget and timeline to meet your needs. Let's work together!


Flyers, Brochures

Booklets, Reports

Signage, Posters

Promotional Design



Book Design, Typesetting

Advertisement Design

Logo Design

Business Cards, Stationery

Social Marketing Assets

Email Newsletters

Get a PDF summary of services to share with your team!

Flexible payment schedules to fit your budget.

Here are some example business partnership agreements.

  1. Mid-size organization with fixed, single annual budget based on grant funds
    Contract in place for certain prescribed types of work and fees
    Retainer that is paid quarterly or annually; each project draws from retainer and receipt is provided per project
  2. Small, family-owned company with flexible but tight budget
    Contract for certain prescribed types of work and fees
    Monthly cap, billed monthly
  3. Large organization with project budgets, sometimes grant-funded
    Estimates per project serve as contract for that work only
    Billed in advance or 50/50 deposit/delivery model, depending on the availability of project funds at start