What is your “Magic”? How to write your unique value proposition.

Sally Scruggs

Sally Scruggs


Figuring out your “magic,” or unique value proposition, should be the one branding activity you do if nothing else. In this blog post, we’ll offer 3 formulas for writing a statement you can use to guide every content, brand, marketing, and business decision you make. It’s THAT powerful because it distills what you do into a single statement that you can keep coming back to again and again.

When building your website, you need to feel the momentum going in the right direction. You need to own what you provide to your community. This is done by being confident in your MAGIC!

Together, we’re going to define your magic. In marketing speak, this is your unique value proposition, but I like to call it your magic. Why? Because UVP doesn’t really mean much to people who aren’t dealing in marketing lingo all the time, and our primary goal is to build meaningful relationships with our customers. The word “magic” speaks directly to the impact that you’re making on your people. We’re not casting spells, but it’s a similar concept. You’re an alchemist, and you want them to be spellbound by your offer.

How do I define what sets me apart?

It’s really important to remember the key benefits that you’re offering your customers as you develop your brand and your marketing. It’s what makes you different. If there’s nothing inherently different about your services, what about YOU and/or the people behind the services makes you special? Or maybe the magic is the METHOD you use?

What sets you apart? This may seem difficult to pin down, but I promise you that there is something that sets you apart. I guarantee it. Even if it’s just the very essence of you, the way that you approach the world. That is unique enough to set yourself apart. Identify what is most unique about what you have to offer.

Writing your Unique Value Proposition a.k.a your Magic

There are some formulas you can use to come up with this unique value proposition aka Magic. Where are you going to use this? You can use this as the header on your website or in the hero section. It’s a really succinct statement to help grab people and to help them sort of self identify as future customers or clients of yours.

The first formula is: I help [people] [solution] by [Your Method].

Examples would be:

  • I help creative business owners build and grow their business with WordPress
  • We turn plant lovers into confident plant parents with custom care plans
  • We help budding stylists find their personal style with daily tips and inspiration 

You can see that these are really obvious, succinct value propositions that immediately tell you what that business or brand is going to do for customers. 

Another formula: [Offer] for [Your People].

  • Business-first WordPress websites for creative entrepreneurs
  • Custom care plans for proud plant parents
  • Daily tips and inspiration for budding stylistas

The final formula: [Solution] for [Your People] OR [Solution] with [Your Business].

  •  Business growth for Creative Small Businesses
  • Achieve instant green-thumb status with OkGrow
  • Find your personal style with Mirror

I encourage you to try all of them on for size. Sometimes you may find that given the complexity of your solution or the simplicity of it, that one of these formulas works better than another for you.

Still feeling stuck with your branding?

We can start from the beginning with my free, Build a Better Brand Workbook. Get clear on your branding and your MAGIC will come easily to you! Follow this link to download it now 

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