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  • Website Workbook
  • 1-Hour Strategy Session
  • Responsive (mobile-ready) Design
  • Brand Board with Typography and Color Palette
  • Launch Video
  • Training, Documentation and Tutorials
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • 40-Minute Followup Call
  • 30 Days of Email and Video Support
  • 1 Year of Hosting, (1) Domain and (1) Email Address
  • Ditch Your Tech Overwhelm

    Partner with an expert so you don't have to worry.

  • Free Up Your Time

    Let us take some things off your plate.

  • Grow Your Business

    Your website should be your best employee!

I can build you a WordPress site in two days.

That is not a typo, friend.

Life is too short to spend weeks or months on projects that can be completed in days.

Gone are the days of never-ending email threads, miscommunications and drifting timelines. Instead, we’ll be super intentional with our time so you can spend less time worrying about your creative projects and more time on... anything else.

Before our Workday, we’ll have an hour-long Kick-Off Call where I’ll help you get clear on your brand strategy, your niche, and/or your website goals—whatever your project calls for to get started on the right foot.

After our Workday, you’ll get a 40-minute follow-up call, any relevant video tutorials, and 30 days of email support.

  • Free Planning Call

    We’ll get to know each other, discuss your project and review the process.

  • Book Your Project

    Choose the workdays that work best for you. Secure your booking with a 50% deposit or pay in full.

  • Prep Your Materials

    Complete your Website Strategy Workbook and provide all requested assets ahead of your scheduled workdays.

  • Let’s Get to Work!

    Let's DO this! You’ll make yourself reachable during our workdays so I can check in periodically with updates, questions, and any drafts for your feedback.

  • Followup and Support

    After your workdays, we'll have a 40-minute follow-up call. I'll provide you with video tutorials and 30 days of email support.

Have you been burned before?

Most of my clients come to me after working with a web designer who created a site that they can’t use or doesn’t work or just sits there not doing anything useful. Maybe you found someone cheap and got what you paid for. I know that’s the worst feeling, which is why I want to take extra special care of you. Check out my WordPress FAQ for more information about how I ensure excellent customer care for my clients.

Hey, you! Yes, you. You are Amazing.

You’re passionate about the products and services you offer. You love to help your customers improve their lives. Your customers need you! You’re making a difference in the world because you’re making a difference in the life of each customer.

What are you doing to grow your business online?

How are you making sure new customers find your business? How well are you convincing them that what you have to offer will improve their lives? Is your website making you money or costing you money? I work with small businesses like yours to figure out what’s holding you back and create websites that make you even better at what you do. I can help you increase your customer traffic, improve your visibility, and enhance your reputation all with the magic of WordPress, Google, and one-on-one support.

One-size doesn’t fit all.

As a fellow small business owner, I know that ideal growth looks different for everyone. In the service industry, we seek the right clients who are a good fit for the services and/or goods we provide. When selling products, we want to make sure we don’t grow faster than our inventory.

Together, we’ll develop a custom online strategy that meets YOUR goals. Let’s talk about where you want to be and what’s keeping you from being there. Where should you focus your efforts: SEO, automation, marketing funnels, social media? I can help you figure that out and build a website that supports those goals. Take it a step further with my marketing automation packages, where I’ll help you implement those goals.

Work Samples


Summer Bicknell


Sally was so great to work with - she met with us to scope out our project, came prepared to our first meeting with her review of our existing site, and came up with clever ways to simplify presentation to customers and improve ease of use. I would recommend her highly to any small business!

Bianca Lynch


One of the best things about working with Sally is that from the very beginning you can tell she is invested in you and your business. She approaches her projects with a strategy first, which was much appreciated. Diving into more than just the aesthetics, Sally made sure that my website aligned with my future business goals, that it would be optimized for SEO and that it represented my brand voice, style and message. This girl knows web development and design from all angles which can be difficult to find. When she started asking me about my online funnels and how I wanted people to navigate my website, I knew I made the right choice in choosing her. I absolutely recommend Sally when it comes to building a stunning website that is pleasing to the eye and to Google. Thank me later!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "web design" include?
  • A comprehensive marketing strategy session to identify how your website can help you reach your business goals
  • A website built according to the 12-Point Website Wellness Plan for Small Businesses
  • Training and support to help you run your website
  • Hosting, domain and 1 email account for 1 year
What does "branding" include?

Branding is so much more than a logo. Comprehensive brand positioning with help you get really clear on your unique selling proposition, values, competitive edge, and target audience. You can use this information to write compelling emails and content, create authentic social media posts, and better relate to your clients/customers. Even if you already have a logo, brand positioning is a vital part of Website Wellness. You’ll get:

  • A Brand Positioning Workbook
  • 1-on-1 session with Sally to help you edit your Brand Positioning
  • Logo, style guide, and any other assets we identify for your website*

*Assets for your website must be identified and created during Website contract. Additional assets required after launch can be purchased separately.

What if I already have a logo?

That’s great! The branding support we provide is so much more than a logo. We will happily discount your package if you already have a logo, but we’ll still complete the Brand Positioning together unless you already have that, too. (And let's give you a virtual high-five if you have already done that—that’s awesome!)

Who will host my website?

88 Creative Studio hosts all client websites and your package comes with the first year of hosting included. We do this so we can deliver the best support to my clients on a server configured especially for fast and secure WordPress websites. We have access to a 24/7 care team to help out with hardware and server configs, troubleshooting and more. Want to know about my server specs or hosting plan? We’d be happy to answer your questions!

Do you provide hosting?

Yes! All sites built by 88 Creative Studio are hosted by 88 Creative Studio. You can still have full access to the backend of your site (including SFTP) if you want that level of access.

I already have hosting. Can I stay with my current host?

We’ve partnered with a leading WordPress-only hosting company to ensure that you get the best service, hardware, performance and security. To stand by the quality of our sites, we only build and maintain websites hosted by us. We are happy to migrate sites hosted elsewhere to our server.

Am I locked into a contract? What happens if I want to cancel my hosting service with you?

Your website will always be 100% yours. Should you ever wish to host it elsewhere, the website is yours do with and move as you wish. 88 Creative Studio does not lock Clients into a contract. Client may cancel hosting services at any time. If on a monthly plan, Client will be billed for the current month of cancellation. If on an annual plan, Client will be prorated for months left in the billing cycle, minus the current billing month. Should Client choose to cancel, Client must submit a request to cancel via email to sally@88creativestudio.com. Client has two options after cancellation: (1) Client may stay on Flywheel and self-manage at Flywheel's current rate ($25/mo as of 07/2019) on Client's chosen plan. Client will have 30 days from date of cancellation notice to accept billing transfer initiated by 88 Creative Studio. Or, (2) Should Client choose to migrate away from Flywheel, Client will be responsible for any data migration, including but not limited to hiring and managing a developer to migrate the site to a new hosting platform.

Will my website be mobile-friendly? What about SEO and Analytics?

First of all, thank you for asking about this. Responsive design, SEO and analytics are *essential* for your website strategy. Yes, your website will be device-friendly and your sitemap will be submitted to Google for SEO. We provide basic SEO setup, including proper page mapping for link tree search page display (see image below.) We can help you figure out how to prioritize your SEO efforts and answer your questions about SEO. If you're specifically looking to get on page 1 of Google or to use Ad Words, you'll need to hire an SEO professional.

We will also set up your site on Google Analytics so you can see things like individual page views and how users interact with your site.

Example of link tree search display:

How long will it take to build my site?

The OLD way: "A lot of the timing will depend on you and the size/complexity of your website. Most of our time is spent before the website is even built. Think of the adage "measure twice, cut once." This planning phase takes 1-3 weeks after the consult. Once you've delivered all your content, the build phase takes about a month. We can launch your new website in as little as 2-4 weeks after that."

The NEW way: Book your workdays, complete preparation materials, your website gets built in TWO days. That's not a typo, folks! 

How quickly can we begin? Can you start working with me next week?

Your workdays will be scheduled at a 3-week minimum from booking to allow you time to complete the prework and for us to schedule and complete our strategy session. Once your workdays arrive, your website will be built in 2 days!

Can I hire you at an hourly rate?

The only way to book me is by the day. In special circumstances, I am happy to accommodate half-day packages for repeat clients.

We want to do the very best by my clients, and that means partnering with business owners who are committed to a strong online strategy that employs the entire 10-Point Website Wellness Plan. If you already have a website that you're happy with and just needs some updates here and there, let's talk about whether we can make upgrades to get you to 10-Point without going through a whole re-design process.

How does payment work?

We kindly ask for a 50% deposit to book our time and 50% right before delivery of final files (but after final proofs so you can be sure everything is to your complete satisfaction.) We also have payment plans available. You'll have the option to pay with a credit card or PayPal straight from the invoice.

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