Design + Support for
Small Businesses
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Meet Sally

WordPress Expert,
Brand & Marketing Strategist

WordPress has been a passion of mine for over 15 years. I taught myself HTML and CSS with Microsoft Frontpage (oof!) and then started tinkering with WordPress in 2006. I've been building websites ever since.

With a degree in journalism and advertising, I spent several years in the publishing industry before I left the corporate world to launch 88 Creative Studio in 2015. My clients are mostly local small business owners and nonprofits who share my creative drive and energy for making a difference in our communities.

Let's do our part to change the world. First step: let's get your business running on WordPress!

Connect the world to your mission.

We integrate your objectives into a website that improves engagement, conversion, and user experience.

Starter Websites

Need a quick website?

We'll build you a killer starter website designed to grow with your business in 1-2 days.

Online Platforms

Building your empire?

Selling stuff online? We build eCommerce, memberships, social platforms, eLearning and more.

Web Design

Time for a redo?

Does your existing website need a facelift? We'll help you with visual and/or structural design.

A great website starts with a brand and a plan.

Do you have a solid foundation?

Here are some of our projects.

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