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WordPress design and support for businesses + nonprofits on a mission to change the world.

Connect the world to your mission.

We integrate your objectives into a website that improves engagement, conversion, and user experience.

Starter Websites

Need a quick website?

We'll build you a killer starter website designed to grow with your business in just TWO days.

Online Platforms

Building your empire?

Selling stuff online? We build eCommerce, memberships, social platforms, eLearning and more.

Web Design

Time for a redo?

Does your existing website need a facelift? We'll help you with visual and/or structural design.

A great website starts with a brand and a plan.

Do you have a solid foundation?

Here are some of our projects.


Meet Sally

WordPress Expert,
Brand & Marketing Strategist

WordPress has been a passion of mine for over 15 years. I taught myself HTML and CSS with Microsoft Frontpage (oof!) and then started tinkering with WordPress in 2006. I've been building websites ever since.

With a degree in journalism and advertising, I spent several years in the publishing industry before I left the corporate world to launch 88 Creative Studio in 2015. My clients are mostly local small business owners and nonprofits who share my creative drive and energy for making a difference in our communities.

Let's do our part to change the world. First step: let's get your business running on WordPress!


Meet Andrea

Content Strategist
& Creative Director

In 2017, after 11 years as an editor with various NC magazines, I launched my own creative services company, helping small businesses and nonprofits with content strategy and creation, branding, PR, social media, and video and event production.

I am passionate about community building, doing work that benefits the greater good, and helping entrepreneurs grow their business in a purposeful way. I love where I live, as reflected in the projects I pursue.

Learn more about me at Andrea Cash Creative

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